The objective of various services offered by the Masjid is to be a resource of comprehensive Islamic education and information dissemination for NJ communities, outreaching and bridging across them.

We ask Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to give us the wisdom and strength to fulfill our objectives. We ask that our activities be sincere and for His (SWT) pleasure only. We ask that He (SWT) accept and reward our deeds.

    The Masjid provides the following services
  • 5 Daily prayers
  • Jumma prayer
  • Eid prayers
  • Ramadan Program - Daily Ifthar, Taraweeh Prayers, Suhur (last 10 Days), Ithekaf, Qiyam-Al-Layl
  • Provides wedding services to the local community
  • Funeral Services:For funeral arrangements, please do not contact the funeral home directly. Instead please contact our Masjid administration at 908-500-2706
  • Counseling services
  • Publish community newsletter at regular intervals

The Masjid strives to provide complete and accurate information about Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah on the understanding of our righteous predecessors. In addition to our conveying information about Islam through our website and social media, we host open houses for the non-Muslims and give informational tours of our Masjid and presentations on Islam to groups and individuals. We also assist new converts to Islam with learning the basics of the faith and its practices, as well as assisting them with their social needs.

  • Propagate Islam among Muslims and Non-Muslims
  • Educate new Muslims
  • Encourage and promote harmony between Muslims
  • Establish weekend Islamic school, full-time Islamic school and summer education camp
  • Invite mainstream Muslim scholars for lectures
  • Islamic education for Brothers and Sisters
  • Quran program
  • Organized lectures by Shk. Karim Abu Zaid which focus on topics relating to:
    • Tawheed
    • Aqeedah
    • Usool Al-Hadeeth
    • Usool Al-Fiqh
    • Seerah of the Prophet (sas)
    • Seerah of Our Righteous Predecessors
    • Islamic History and much more inshAllah
  • Involve and/or initiate our stand against social ills in conjunction with other organizations
  • Motivate the involvement of the community in Masjid activities via social events - Provide at cost or profit, facilities for Muslim social events such as marriages, lawful gatherings, etc.
  • Provide Islamic education to the youth through training sessions, camp and establishment of youth organization
FREE Health Clinic (Insha Allah Launching Soon)

The purpose of this project is to provide free medical care and proactive health education for its members and surrounding community. There is an urgent need for this service for the many uninsured families and to those who do not have timely access to health care.

  • The Masjid is working on opening a Weekend Clinic at no Charge for non-emergency care only. It will operate on Sundays.
  • The clinic will work on a �walk-in� basis and will operate all year around In Shaa Allah. It will have several physicians who will volunteer their time, effort and money to keep the clinic functional. The specialties will vary from Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics, Endocrinology and Surgery. It will provide free Flu vaccine each season and will arrange for Meningitis shots to be given at cost price for people going to Haj and Umra.