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In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Al-Minhaal is launching an online Muslim Business Directory to publish in Al-Minhaal Center website. The Muslim Business Directory listing business and professions of our Muslim community. This is an excellent way to gain exposure for your business/professional organization. We would like to invite you to be part of this great opportunity by including your professional services and businesses in the online directory. Your submission allows us to consider using your talents, skills and connections to benefit our community and gives you free advertising* to the visitors of Al-Minhaal website.

In addition, Al-Minhaal are also offering few other channels to market, promote your business events to our Muslim community. The available advertisement sources** are,

  • Ad placed in Al-Minhaal monthly news letter
  • Ad placed in Al-Minhaal email news letter
  • Ad placed in monthly prayer timetable sheet
  • Display your business ad in masjid entrance TV. Part of rotation slide, no special priority
  • Solo email blast to all subscribed members
  • Ad posted in Al-Minhaal Facebook social media page

If interested or need more details, please email to

By participating, you will not only get the exposure for your business but also get the reward from Allah. This will also benefit Al Minhaal, our community members and our future generations Insha Allah

Please click here to register your business

Business Directory Listing


* Free business directory listing for 6 months only, standard one year pricing plan rate apply after

    ** Advertising Guidelines/Conditions
  • Advertisement Criteria - List only Halal/Muslim businesses
  • Al-Minhaal will not be held responsible for any advertising claims or contents. Advertiser is fully responsible for all content and claims
  • Al-Minhaal DOES NOT endorses any of the listed organizations. This is simply a directory service provided to the community
  • Al-Minhaal reserves the right to reject advertisements if it conflicts with our policies
  • Advertisement will run for the period paid for. Submit your payment one week in advance before Ad expiry date to avoid removal of your Ad
  • All advertisement will commence on the first of the month