Al-Minhaal Academy Masjid is a non-profit organization which is part of Al-Minhaal Academy. It provides religious, educational and social services to its members and to the New Jersey community at large. We welcome participation from all Muslims in our activities from the entire community, regardless of gender, ethnic background, or age. The community server is very diverse, and our organization places a priority on maintaining an environment that is welcoming and inclusive to all Muslims.
JUMU'AH1:10 PM1:15 PM

Every Mon & Tue @ 8.20 PM EST - The Nectarous Message - Contemplating over Quran Surah by Surah
Short Al-Minhaal Documentary - INK T.V. Productions
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Shaykh Karim AbuZaid
Shaykh Okasha Kameny
Friday Sermons
The Shortcut2Jannah | 40 Hadeeth of Imam Al-Nawawi